All accessories for computers: mouse, keyboard, earphones, headphones, webcams, USB hubs, external speakers, laptop bags and backpacks, and memory card readers.

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  • Headphones & earphones

    Microsoft, Skullcandy, Verbatim, Philips, Headphones and earphones for PCs, tablets,ipods and cell phones.

  • Laptop bags & backpacks

    Laptop bags and backpacks for laptops and tablets. From low cost to exclusive.

  • Speakers & Audio gear

    Speakers, surround sounds systems and docking systems for computers, cell phones and tablets.

  • USB hubs

    USB hubs to expand the number of USB ports your computer has.

  • Keyboards

    Keyboards of all types. Wireless, bluetooth and wired keyboards. We have everything from egronomical shapes to standard keyboards.

  • Computer Mouse

    Mouse of all types. Wier mouse, bluetooth mouse, and wireless mouse. Ergonomically designed mouse, and different colour mouse.

  • Memory card readers

    Memory  card readers to turn your memory card into a flash drive. Plug your memory card into this and plug it into your computer.

  • Webcams

    Webcams for Skype and on-line video conferencing.

  • Tablet cases

    Cases of all sizes for tablets.