About us

We are committed to giving you top quality computer hardware at the lowest possible cost. For that reason we only stock reliable and well known brand names.
We sell to the Republic of South Africa and all SADEK countries. WE can only sell SanDisk products to other non SADEK African countries.
We source all of our goods locally from the official local distributors of the products we represent. So we do NOT sell grey imports and we back all of our products up with the respective manufacturers warrantees and guarantees.
Due to the fact we work on between 5% and 10% mark up, we do not have a shop or keep stock. Hence part of the delay in sending you the goods.
If there is anything you specifically want and do not see it on the site, please do not hesitate to contact us and during working hours we will quote you within 2 hours normally.
Flash Memory is currently operated from the sole-proprietor's ( Gary Morris) home. He live at Liberty Grande, Dingle Road, Goodwood. If you live in Cape Town and want to meet him to discuss your potential purchase or actually pick it up yourself, please feel free to contact him on: 061 0652319. He will be happy to oblige. Free advice on products we don't even stock is always given as well :-).


The concept of Flash Memory is to deliver computer related hardware and services that are commonly used by the consumer on a daily basis, directly to their door at affordable prices. Preferably cheaper than they can get them at a retail shop, and where necessary and possible we will offer holistic solutions to make the consumer's life easier. These products and services must be of high quality, hence the intention of Flash Memory to only list and stock quality brands. In the case of services we have third party services providers that will subcontract to us, but deliver quality services, and will not disappoint or frustrate our clients. The intention is to also offer items that are state of the art technology ( e.g. the Kingston Technologies 1TB flash drive). This is not necessarily to generate more business directly as these items are extremely expensive and will sell in extremely low quantities, but to show Flash Memory's serious attitude towards computer technology, and our dedication to delivering 'the best' to our consumers.

 In order to deliver the lowest possible prices possible, we intend to operate more as a broker than a dealer, i.e. we will hold as little stock as is possible, and mainly order on demand. Hence in certain cases we will state long delivery times on our website (e.g. 1TB flash drives and 512 GB memory cards will probably only be at the clients door in 30 days). The reason we do not hold stock or have a physical shop is so that we can keep our profits as low as possible. Our profit margins are normally between 5 and 10%.



Flash Memory is mainly focusing on memory peripherals ( flash drives, memory cards, and external hard drives), solid state hard drives and co.za domain name registration ( we are also excited to be able to offer the relatively new .capetown, .durban, and .joburg domain names). We will also offer domain hosting (  through a third party), and website design ( through a professional, competent and cost effective third party). This is to continue our intention of offering holistic solutions to our consumers, hence making their lives easier, at an affordable price. Very soon after inception of the E-store we also intend to offer a 'ink jet cartridge recycling' service. This is basically refilling used cartridges with ink, and reselling them. This will be done by an experienced subcontractor who is determined to deliver a quality product and service.


In the future it is expected that Flash Memory will slowly expand it's stock list to include laptops (both Mac and PC), desk tops(both Mac and PC) , internal components, printers, scanners, and various forms of routers (WIFI and cable connection). However it is unlikely we will ever be a software supplier.



Gary Morris was born in on the 1st of March 1963 and his first introduction to computers was his father teaching him to spell at the age of 5, using computer programming punch cards cards as home made word cards. His father was an IBM system's analyst from 1965 till 1971 and then the co-owner of Hamrad (PTY) LTD until his death in 1980. His father's company was one of the first retailers of desktop PCs, in South Africa, in 1980. Hence Gary Morris was indoctrinated into computer technology from a very young age. Gary Morris's sister owns and runs a website development company in the UK.


Gary Morris owned and ran Reality Interactive, that developed 'Cyril Cyberpunk'/ 'The Cyberboard Kid' . 'Cyril Cyberpunk' was the first commercially made game ( 1996) in South Africa. He also wrote the background story, designed the game (and many of the levels), directed and produced it. The game was released to great critical acclaim but was unsuccessful due to issues with the American publisher.


Gary Morris has been involved mainly in the collectables industry before and since but has always kept a strong interest in computer technology, hence the inception of his new start up business .